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The Virtual Innovation Studio (VIS) is a five-week design sprint that provides students an opportunity to work with other students to design for an organization/company based on a given prompt. For this VIS project, the project brief given was to create sustainable packaging for Oribe, a Kao Brand and luxury haircare company. Throughout the five weeks, my team conducted research, brainstormed ideas, attended meetings, and presented ideas to our clients. 


For this 5-week design sprint, I met virtually with 15 other University of Cincinnati students of multi-disciplinary backgrounds and focuses within studies at UC. Throughout the project, I helped with research, ideation, sketching, and eventually pattern making for the exteriors of the final packaging concepts we came up with. This project allowed me to build my teamwork and presentation skills and provided me with valuable knowledge I'll use going forward in my life and career. 

Landscape Research

  • Ryan Anneken- Communication Design

  • Maddie Baskin- Interior Design 

  • Christopher Enderle- Communication Design

  • Anna Eppihimer- Industrial Design

  • Mei Froass- MBA

  • Anya Grieze- Communication Design

  • Kaitlin Jacobi- MBA

  • Wenran Ji- Interior Design

  • Sam Linkon- Fine Arts

  • Ally Mattingly- Interior Design

  • Ellie Morgan- Marketing

  • Ryan Page- Communication Design

  • Zara Staleva- Fashion Design

  • Sandeep Vuyyuru- MBA

  • Zhixiao Yang- Interior Design

  • Jasmond Young- Interior Design



Once the project concluded, our team had three main concepts to show the Oribe and Kao teams. All of these concepts focused on minimalism, reusability, and consumer education on sustainability efforts. The first concept is an insert that has a natural texture that could be placed in the current boxes, the second is a transformable recycled cardboard box that would open to hold items, and the final concept is a transformable roll-out box that could be transformed a number of ways to hold products and items long after the initial use. All of the concepts would use sustainable and recycled materials such as bagasse pulp, mushroom foam, and recycled cardboard and any patterning/coloring would be printed using soy ink.

For Concept 1, the focus was to create a sustainably sourced insert for the pre-existing packaging used. Both of these iterations utilize the overarching idea of having multi-use packaging as they can both hold and display the products. Concept one features sketches I created and 3D renderings created by my team member Sam Linkon. 

Concept 2 is a transformable box that can be used to both carry the Oribe products and hold items, such as combs, scissors, and other items that may be used by people in a salon where the sell-in kits would go. Additionally, this package has an outside slip to add a visual element and reinforce Oribe's elegant and rich aesthetic. The renderings for this concept were created by teammate Anna Eppihimer.